10 Aug 2017

Ban The AR 15

In this Video, Rod talks about how strange it is that the AR-15 is “restricted” while so many other functionally similar rifles are non-restricted in Canada.  He offers some thoughts on the topic. In Canada, semi-automatic rifles that function like the AR-15 are, in general, “non-restricted”.  The AR-15 however is

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26 Jul 2017

Magazine Capacity

In this video, Rod Giltaca talks about Canada’s Magazine Capacity Regulations and the implications on the legal firearms owners in Canada. Supporting Information: Magazine Capacity Regulations Canada’s regulations are contained in SOR/98-462.  The regulations describe what magazines are prohibited in Canada, and therefore carry a serious criminal sentence for possession.  The

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28 Jun 2017


In this video Rod discusses the Canadian movement to legalise silencers for gun owners.   For more in depth information on this topic, we urge you to visit: Sound Moderators Canada   Supporting Information for the Video:   Amount of Noise Reduction Sound Moderators reduce the sound of a firearm enough

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05 Jun 2017

Does Canada Have a Gun Problem?

Correction:  The statement at 1:30 in this video should be “… murdered by a firearm when they are just as likely to be injured by lightning.” In this video Rod Giltaca discusses the statistical reality of the number of Canadians that are licenced to own guns, the number of gun related

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17 May 2017

Who Has Guns in Canada And How Did They Get Them?

In this video Rod Giltaca, President of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, discusses the number of firearms owned by legal gun owners in Canada.  He reviews the requirements and process one goes through to become licensed to own firearms, and describes in detail the extreme vetting process involved in

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