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    Gun control and violence in Canada are complicated issues. We know you want to make Canada a safer place. That journey starts here.

Real People,

Real concerns

Shannon Stubs
Federal MP
4 Minute Watch
Marcell Wilson
One by One Movement
4 Minute Watch
Peter Merrifield
Retired RCMP
3 Minute Watch
Kathleen Finlay
The Center for Patient Protection
3 Minute Watch

Exploring Common


Why is the Gun Debate in Canada So Toxic?
2.5 Minute Watch
Do You Have an Opinion About Gun Control?
1.5 Minute Watch
Do More Guns Equal More Death?
2 Minute Watch
Why Do Canadians Need Guns?
2 Minute Watch
Are Legal Gun Owners Selling Guns to Criminals?
2 Minute Watch
Can The Government Take My Property?
2 Minute Watch
A Child is Injured By A Firearm Everyday in Ontario?
2 Minute Watch

Gun ban


Episode 1 - Is It Really About Public Safety?
22 Minute Watch
Episode 2 - Where Do Crime Guns Come From?
21 Minute Watch
Episode 3 - Do More Guns Equal More Death?
22 Minute Watch
Episode 4 - Common Sense Gun Laws
22 Minute Watch
Episode 5 - Why Would Anyone Need a Gun?
22 Minute Watch
Episode 6 - Our System is Broken
22 Minute Watch
Episode 7 - Series Finale, Mass Shootings
44 Minute Watch

The Truth from the

Mainstream Media

VeraCity: The Gun Chase
A documentary about Toronto’s gun problem
43 Minute Watch
CBC's Under the Gun: A Banff-Ledbury Success Story
5 Minute Watch

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