29 Sep 2016

Knives and Violent Crime in Canada, 2008

This 2008 Statistics Canada report looks at violent crime with knives in Canada, with some comparison to Firearms. Only 18% of violent crimes in Canada involve a weapon; when a weapon is used, knives are the most common. A knife was used against 6% of all victims in 2008, compared

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29 Sep 2016

Police-Reported Crime Statistics in Canada, 2015

Statistics Canada examines police reported crimes in 2015. Overall, the Crime Severity Index (CSI) was 1% higher then in 2013 however, it was still 31% lower than a decade earlier in 2005. There was a an increase in violent firearms offences between 2014 and 2015 from 5 incidents per 100,000 population

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03 May 2016

Licensed Gun Owner Gets 2 Years For Forgetting Wallet at Home

If you’ve seen our public service announcement you might be skeptical of this claim. It certainly wouldn’t make much sense to threaten a qualified, vetted and closely monitored Canadian with penalties like this for paperwork errors.

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02 May 2016

How to Get A Firearms License – CCFR Educational Resource

  How difficult is it to get a firearm in Canada? How is the public vetted and monitored concerning their ability to buy guns? Find out from someone who actually knows. Rod Giltaca is an instructor with the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program and the President of the Canadian Coalition for

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01 May 2016

Learn How Firearms Are Classified And What That Means For Canadians

Firearm classification in Canada is commonly based on a number of criteria.

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