Ban The AR 15

August 10, 2017

In this Video, Rod talks about how strange it is that the AR-15 is “restricted” while so many other functionally similar rifles are non-restricted in Canada.  He offers some thoughts on the topic.

In Canada, semi-automatic rifles that function like the AR-15 are, in general, “non-restricted”.  The AR-15 however is “restricted” by name because the politicians of the day thought it looked scary.  Since then, dozens and dozens of new models of similar firearms have hit the market, are non-restricted by Canadian regulations, and are safely owned by millions of Canadians.


September 13, 2019
Intellectual Malpractice

Early in 2019, lobby and advocacy group Doctors for Protection from Guns, went on the offensive against law abiding firearm owners; declaring: “the medical and social science evidence supporting common sense gun laws is overwhelming and irrefutable.” They also made the dramatic and specific call: “Senators, it is time to pass C-71 intact. @BillBlair, @RalphGoodale, […]

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August 12, 2019
Media Bias Report

The popular consensus among firearm owners is that the Canadian media has on the whole a bias against firearm rights and for gun control measures. The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights has commissioned this report to identify the qualities and scope of this bias. The study isolated the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and completed an analysis […]

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April 3, 2019
A Child is Injured by a Firearm Everyday in Ontario

The gun debate is often full of emotion and a personal sense of what is right. Real facts are sometimes difficult to find. Distinguishing between truth and spin can be one of the greatest challenges in forming an educated opinion on today's most polarizing topics. It makes it even more challenging when academic studies are […]

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