17 Apr 2018

C-71 Analysis – Submission to the Federal Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security on Bill C-71

Gary A Mauser, Ph.D recently made this submission to the Federal Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security on Bill C-71.  He provides a great deal of analytical and factual analysis of the bill and calls it a Red Herring.  Gary is a leading expert on the state of gun control

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15 Jan 2018

Register your car, why not your gun!

In this video. Rod Giltaca discusses the realities of the restricted firearm registry in Canada. Some examples of confiscation of firearms in Canada: 2010 – RCMP gun confiscations prompt legal fight 2007 – Feds budget $260,000 to seize rifles 1995 – 553,000 registered handguns become prohibited   What was the

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10 Aug 2017

Gun Control – Get Informed!

In this Video, Rod Giltaca discusses the need for education on the topic of Gun Control in Canada.  We encourage you to browse the site and learn as much as you can.  There is an incredible amount of factual information contained within Gundebate.ca to explore.  Not completely convinced, look for

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10 Aug 2017

Ban All Guns

Rod talks about the normal reaction to gang crime in Canada; the desire to ban guns. 5 million people in peaceful possession? The 2015 Commissioner of Firearms Report lists the number of individual licenced gun owners in Canada at 2,026,011 individuals.  The number 2.1 million quoted in the video is

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10 Aug 2017

Ban The AR 15

In this Video, Rod talks about how strange it is that the AR-15 is “restricted” while so many other functionally similar rifles are non-restricted in Canada.  He offers some thoughts on the topic. In Canada, semi-automatic rifles that function like the AR-15 are, in general, “non-restricted”.  The AR-15 however is

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28 Jun 2017


In this video Rod discusses the Canadian movement to legalise silencers for gun owners.   For more in depth information on this topic, we urge you to visit: Sound Moderators Canada   Supporting Information for the Video:   Amount of Noise Reduction Sound Moderators reduce the sound of a firearm enough

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05 Jun 2017

Does Canada Have a Gun Problem?

Correction:  The statement at 1:30 in this video should be “… murdered by a firearm when they are just as likely to be injured by lightning.” In this video Rod Giltaca discusses the statistical reality of the number of Canadians that are licenced to own guns, the number of gun related

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17 May 2017

Who Has Guns in Canada And How Did They Get Them?

In this video Rod Giltaca, President of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, discusses the number of firearms owned by legal gun owners in Canada.  He reviews the requirements and process one goes through to become licensed to own firearms, and describes in detail the extreme vetting process involved in

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01 May 2017

Canadian Gun Owners Block Tighter Regulation

In this video Rod Giltaca, President of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, covers the significant increase in firearms regulations and laws in Canada that have been put into place since the early 1990s.  It also highlights a selection of laws that lack any reasonable notion of common sense.  Below

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07 Apr 2017


Do gun laws make us safer? Watch and decide for yourself. The political system in Canada uses a placebo effect to create the impression that our regulations reduce gun violence. Specifically, the current Liberal government promised in their election platform to restore the requirement to have a permit to transport

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