Do More Guns Equal More Death?


WARNING: Most people who aren’t experts miss the point of this video. The question is does violent crime have a direct relationship with the availability of firearm or are there other, far more important factors to observe when improving our society? One of the most used taglines used in the march against private firearms ownership is “more guns equal more death”. Is it really true or are there other aspects of society that are responsible for firearm related death? Rod Giltaca is an instructor with the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program and the President of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights. He is one of Canada’s foremost experts on the politicization of the firearms issue in Canada.

Full “More Guns = More Death” Video:
Full CBC Video:
Serious threat to public safety:
Leading causes of death in Canada:
Statscan report on homicide 2014. See the role of guns:
Statscan, how many people are shot and killed in Canada?
Statscan report on firearm violence:
Statscan report on family violence 2014:
Statscan report on family violence 2010, has some firearm numbers:

Very few people fall victim to firearms in Canada per year. Far less than accidental drowning for example and certainly a fraction of those killed by medical mistakes. Think about how the media and government represent this issue. It’s held up like one of the most serious social\public safety issues we have. Why? Think about it yourself.
Interview with Rod & two gentlemen in Downtown Vancouver:
Part 1:
Part 2:

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Gun Debate

Gun Debate